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With People, Through Innovative Process using Future Proof Technologies

SAGACITY CONSULTANCY is a group of relentless problem solvers, enveloping business strategy, technology, process improvement that enables transformation, digital or not, for your organisation.

Drawing on the team's extensive knowledge of diverse domains in defence, transportation, education, smart, safe cities to green and sustainable economies. We draw data from IT/OT systems, manage them to derive insights to drive your business decisions.

We aim to be your trusted partners and we do not work alone to deliver our proposed solutions. Together with our long time trusted partners, we collaborate to provide innovative solutions that we develop or adapt to your business goals and operations.

Delivering a system is only half the equation, we intend to ensure operational capabilities. Our training expertise together with change management, enhanced with manpower augmentation, will accelerate your team's adoption of this digital transformation journey.

Whatever your needs may be, lets discuss.

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